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Aims and Scope

SOlL ORGANISMS presents high-level research results, review papers and short notes in English covering the complete field of soil biology, including taxonomy and systematics, soil ecology (including interactions), biogeography, morphology, conservation, evolution and ecosystem functions. Unique among soil-biological journals, Soil Organisms especially considers the organismic aspects of soil biology. SOIL ORGANISMS is committed to fair open-access publishing, which is why we offer online open access publishing of all papers without any publication fees.
All contributions are in English. All submitted articles are reviewed in a blind reviewing process by at least two international referees prior to publication.


Terms of use

All articles that are made available on the SOIL ORGANISMS website (www.soil-organisms.org) may be read, copied, distributed, and (in limited quantity) printed for non-commercial, private, scientific purposes. In accordance with the German Science Foundation’s “Rules for the Safeguarding of Good Scientific Practice”, references to cited articles are to be complete and correct and furnished with a link to the website of the Senckenberg journal in question.

The Senckenberg Society for Natural History Research (Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung, SGN) is a member of the Leibniz Association (Leibniz-Gemeinschaft) and is therefore attuned to the idea of Open Access as explained in the Berlin Declaration (Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Scientific Knowledge, Berliner Erklärung über den offenen Zugang zu wissenschaftlichem Wissen).

Open Access is understood to mean the charge-exempt public access to scientific results via the internet. The users should be able to read, copy, print, search within, and reference the full text without limitation and to use it in any conceivable lawful manner without financial, legal or technical hindrance.

This applies also to the SGN, which publishes various scientific series. Some scientific journals are made available to the public via Open Acess in addition to printed copies.



A print version of SOIL ORGANISMS is published in three volumes per year. The printed journal is available for sale (Order Form). To buy the print version of SOIL ORGANISMS, please fill out the order form and send it to our library either per e-mail or by post (printed out and signed). For information concerning purchase and payment, please contact the responsible librarian in Görlitz at library-gr@senckenberg.de

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