On Oriental species of the genus Megalopinus Eichelbaum, 1915: one new species and taxonomical and biogeographical notes (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Megalopsidiinae)


  • Tobias Mainda Greifswald




Insect taxonomy, beetles, entomology, biodiversity, Malacca Peninsula


One new species, Megalopinus puthzianus spec. nov. from the Malacca Peninsula in Malaysia and Thailand, which was previously interpreted as Megalopinus hirashimai Naomi, 1986 is described. The species M. hirashimai is redescribed and its aedeagus is illustrated for the first time. The synonymy of Megalopinus tangi Puthz, 2012 and Megalopinus lapsus Mainda, 2022 syn. nov. (replacement name for M. modestus Puthz, 2021 nec (Sharp, 1886) is stated. The spelling of Megalopinus brancuccii Puthz, 2021 is established as the correct original spelling of this taxon and measurements and elytral punctuation numbers of additional specimens are added. A new record of Megalopinus creberrimus (L. Benick, 1941) with deviating coloration is reported from Mindanao (Philippines), and at the same time a new elytral puncture-row is designated: epipleural row - a row directly lateral to the sublateral row. Furthermore, the second male specimen of Megalopinus rolandmuelleri Mainda, 2022 is reported from Mindanao, Philippines, with additional measurements and elytral punctuation numbers. Finally, an updated checklist of all extant Megalopinus species of the Oriental and Australasian regions is presented.


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