Morphology in Chilopoda – a survey


  • Jörg Rosenberg Universität Duisburg-Essen
  • Carsten Müller Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität Greifswald


Morphology, Chilopoda


A survey of what is known about chilopod morphology: status and needs
The knowledge on morphology in Chilopoda was published in a huge number of different scientific periodicals. Surveys and critical reviews on morphological and physiological studies in Chilopoda were carried out by Verhoeff (1920–25), Attems (1929, 1926–1930, 1930), Kaestner (1963), Lewis (1981), Minelli (1993), Dunger (1993), and most recently by Rosenberg (2009). In the following, a survey on morphological investigations in light and electron microscopy of different organs and organ systems in Chilopoda will be presented. Scientific names of species varied. To assign the species given by the authors in the original publication, the original species name cited by authors was always used. Both fundamental and partial gaps of knowledge are noticeable in almost every field/organ system reviewed and listed up below. This compilation should be seen as a guideline for prospective researchers where to fit in with their project, hopefully by integrating ‘modern’ techniques. It is believed that filling those gaps is essential for evolutionary morphology. Progresses are necessary, because in the case of failure comparative, functional and phylogenetic conclusions will permanently remain difficult and preliminary.




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